Personalized Care:

At Lapray Properties, we understand that the business of Professional Property Management is based on relationships. Our dedication to clear communication and expectations has been the foundation for over 15+ years of successful relationships with Owners, Tenant Clients, Resident Managers and Vendors.

Our Tenant Clients can trust that we value and appreciate them, and that we will always address their needs in a timely and respectful manner.  We work closely with our Tenant Clients through our Resident Managers. Our Management team is frequently training our Resident Managers in customer service and care, proactive rental of properties to quality tenants and the servicing of maintenance issues with our Vendors. 

Our hand selected and monitored Vendors provide quality, efficient and affordable service to our properties.

Owners can depend upon us to understand and work in alignment with their current needs and future vision of their property investment.  We gladly accommodate clients who are hands on, hands off or somewhere in between.  Lapray Properties’ personal attention to detail and customer care set us apart in the service of the properties that are entrusted to our charge.


Concise and easy to understand owner's statements are provided monthly, reflecting the previous month's activities and details of the property performance.

Current licensing and insurance limits Owner's vulnerability.

Our management is responsible for all matters of tenant relations, including timely evictions and court appearances as necessary.

Regular interior and exterior inspections of properties keep owner investments intact, and assure building-wide preventative maintenance is serviced promptly and effectively.

Lapray Properties is available to Owners and Tenant Clients 24 hours a day with on-call staff.

Our commitment to minimized vacancies, reduces costs to Owners and also enhances the value of the property and the satisfaction among tenants.


With 15+ years of Professional Property Management experience, we are effective and efficient in all our processes for maintaining income property.  We are experts on area rental rates and have an eye for detail that only comes with experience.

We understand that your property is your personal investment; your future. We take pride in managing it!

We capitalize on maximum rental revenue, create long term stability and give you Relief from Rental Stress.                        


Lapray Properties has provided excellent property management services for our multifamily portfolio for 15 years. Jon's consistency, loyalty, and work ethic are second to none and I have confidence is his ability to care for properties as if they are his own. With such an outstanding track record, I would not hesitate in recommending Jon Lapray and Lapray Properties to anyone in need of conscientious and thorough property management.

Bob C.

Jon has been helping us manage our properties for many years. He is the best property manager that we've encountered. He takes pride in his work and it shows as all of our properties are well taken care of. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to our family and friends.

Shirley and David L.

I have been with Lapray Properties since 2006. Jon and his team are very responsive and go the extra mile to ensure properties are well maintained and managed. Jon personally communicates with me to troubleshoot rental opportunities and is honest with his feedback with owner responsibilities. I feel very comfortable with Lapray Properties and can't imagine a better management team available.

Tim B.

Lapray Properties opened our apartment complex in 2006 and it has been pretty much full ever since!! We are busy running the operations of our own company, so the ability to be a "hands off" owner has been a GREAT benefit. Lapray Properties has earned our trust, respect and any future real estate investment projects that we come into. We would HIGHLY recommend their services.

Larry and Kathy S.

For over 20 years Jon Lapray & Lapray Properties have done and continue to do an EXCELLENT job leasing & managing our Single Family Homes, Rowhouses and Apartment Units. We are blessed to have such great detail & care of our real estate assets and the tenants we provide homes for. I highly recommend Lapray Properties!

Sam L.

Lapray Properties has been managing our property for over two years now. They were able to transition well from the previous Property Management company, which was greatly needed. As soon as Lapray Properties took over management, they continually worked with and communicated with us to get the property up to market rents with a good tenant base. We have appreciated their eye for detail in maintaining our apartment complex. If you are in need of Property Management, you should contact them.

Don S.